Do you miss going to concerts and seeing live performances? We’ve got just the remedy for you! The Joy Ruckus Club music festival is the largest Asian music festival in the world, and you can tune in from your phone, for free! It will take place virtually February 16th – 21st and will feature 180 artists from across the world who are ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year. his year K-Pop star Hyolyn will be the headlining act

Putting On A Show

Image credit: joyruckusclub/@Instagram

During these COVID times, the landscape for music festivals have been forced to evolve. We spoke with Johnny Nguyen, coordinator for the Viet Q Media stage and he discussed wanting to change the definition of what people view as a concert. When asked about the potential challenges of putting on a show of this magnitude he said, “one of our biggest challenges is getting people to download and support a new platform”. In order to watch the performances, you have to download the Sessions Live app and make an account. It’s pretty simple and won’t cost you anything.

The participants of the Joy Ruckus Club Music Festival are at the forefront of a new frontier. With live streaming becoming more popular, shows like these are entering unchartered waters. The Joy Ruckus Club Music Festival model will most likely be replicated once sponsors see how successful an event like this can be. Most notably, Johnny Nguyen also mentioned how audiences can interact with the performers, “there are virtual gifts you can give the artists, free gifts such as hearts, or you can buy something cooler like virtual beer, and it gives something artists can cash in on.” This is a fantastic function because it allows artists to make some money, especially for those who have missed out on opportunities due to COVID-19.

Artist Perspective

Image credit: damnboymusic/@Instagram

With 180 artists set to perform, fans across all genres will definitely be able to tune in to artists that they will enjoy. A great part about the Joy Ruckus Club Music Festival is that it is a platform for these artists to give back to their current fans and get more exposure. We also chatted with artist damnboy! who will be performing February 18th on the Viet Q Media stage. Artists like damnboy! miss the therapeutic feeling of performing, he shared “I’m looking forward to performing new songs and just performing in general to be honest.” The challenges of an online music festival present itself not only for the organizers, but the artists as well,  he added, “I think it’s much more difficult to be doing online shows then it is in real life. It’s a lot of planning with limited resources. We have to try our best to make sure the show runs smoothly and entertaining at the same time.”

Be sure to tune in to the Joy Ruckus Club Music Festival February 16th-21st! Especially the Viet Q Media stage 😉 Happy Lunar New Year!

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