We had the chance to chat with Cameron Boyer from the band Weathers about their new single “Rehab.” One of their previous singles “C’est la vie” peaked at #26 on the Billboard Alternative Airplay chart and has over 12M streams across all platforms. Here’s what Cameron had to say.

How excited are you to release new music?

Cameron: We are always very excited to release new music. We are also a little nervous for this album because it’s very different and each song has it’s own specific sound.

What can you tell us about “Rehab”?

Cameron: “Rehab” is about a toxic person you used to be in a relationship with attempting to return to your life. And you are struggling because this person is like a drug and you’re trying to not let the addiction take over again.

Weathers can be seen as a band that blends a lot of genres together. Do you agree?

Cameron: I guess by definition, yes that makes sense. But it’s not something we try to do. I always like to tell people we aren’t a “rock” band. We aren’t a “pop” band. We are just Weathers. We create sounds and visuals that represent who and where we are right now. 

What can you tell us about the fanbase of Weathers?

Cameron: We call our fans “Posers”, and I can confidently say that we have one of the best fanbases of all time. They are not toxic, they are supportive, kind to us and each other, accepting of everyone, and very fun to meet and perform in front of at shows. Having fans from all over the world is so freaking cool. I wish we could put every single poser in one giant room and play a huge show. That would just be the best. 

You have collaborated with artists in the past; what is appealing about features and collabs with other musicians? 

Cameron: Features are always fun because we get to explore new ways to collaborate and present music to the fans. It’s fun to see how different but familiar a song of ours can sound with someone else adding a fresh perspective to it.

When people listen to Weathers, what are you hoping they get out of it?

Cameron: I hope they find some sort of comfort and clarity in our music. Most importantly though, I hope they just take a breather from whatever they got going on to just have fun for 3 minutes at a time. I hope we can provide people with a safe escape while also helping through something.

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