We had a chance to catch up with with Pop/Emo/Indie artist Sloane about his newest released song.

How excited are you about this release?

Super excited, these songs mean the world to me and I have put my whole life into them and this upcoming EP. I can’t wait to hear / see people experience the music and hopefully connect with it in some way.

When did you realize that music was something you wanted pursue as a career?

As soon as I joined the Pan Akfrikan Peoples Arkestra when I was 16, I knew that I had to do music full-time, music was how I made sense, and the community that I was able to build because of it was what I had always searched for. I told myself I would do whatever was needed to solely do music full-time, even if I was broke I would be broke on my own terms and would still be able to be creative. Life is almost like the perpetual pursuit to communicate clearer and for me music was the clearest way that I found and nothing would ever be more valuable than that.

How would you define your sound? Who are you your influences?

My current music is very pop/emo/indie. I was listening to a lot of the 1975, Bleachers and other pop music while writing the material. I am constantly inspired by artists like Bon Iver and Nine Inch Nails as far as sounds and writing and vocal performances and I am sure that those inspirations slip into my music in various ways.

Check out Sloane’s music video for “Good at Pretending” ft. Perry Bancs below. You can find the song on your preferred music service here.