We were joined on the Popternative show by Jon Lundin and Andy Hershey from alt-rock band Point North to discuss their highly anitcipated sophmore album, Prepare For Despair, arriving August 18th via Hopeless Records. The Los Angeles-based band recently shared another track from the upcoming album, “Someone You Don’t Know” which follows the release of the collab on “Safe and Sound” with The Ghost Inside earlier this year, which is currently in the top 40 and climbing on the active rock chart. Point North is Jon Lundin on vocals, Andy Hershey on guitar, and Sage Weeber on drums.

On “Someone You Don’t Know,” the band says: “This song really touches on the frustration you feel from thinking you know someone, and later finding out how little you meant to them. It could take five seconds or five years to see who someone really is. Even when the cancer seems easy to cut out, it’s hard not to feel betrayed. It kind of begs the question, “How far would you go for someone you don’t know?” or, “How many times will you bend over backwards for someone who would never do the same for you?” People in your life will either be leaves or branches. The leaves whither and fall away with the season, and the branches stay strong and last a lifetime. This song was sort of written to challenge the listener to distinguish the leaves from the branches.

In our interview, Jon and Andy talk about what we can expect with the new album, their mix of pop-punk and metal on some of the tracks, the global impact of Point North on Spotify, and much more. Check out the conversation below.

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