Noise punk trio Tunic have recently put out their new record Exhaling. We had the chance to chat with Tunic’s vocalist David Schellenberg  about the new record and the band’s style of music.

How would you describe the music Tunic plays? What sounds should we expect?

I often describe our music as feedback laden filth, noisy hardcore or atonal punk. You should expect some yelling, some shouting and lots of noise.

Talk about Tunic’s upcoming releases. What’s the story behind them?

Exhaling, our latest release, is a collection of 23 songs. Those 23 songs encompass our entire career as a band and also includes some new material. The story behind it is that when we put out our debut album the label who put it out fell apart right after releasing it. However, they kept accepting payments for records and never shipping them, so I would have to mail copies to people who never got there. So when we signed to Artoffact I saw this as an opportunity to release a bunch of new material bundled with some older stuff that was disrupted by the former label. 

What do you think about genre bending happening in music?

Who am I to tell anyone how to make their art? I think as music and the world progresses we see less and less boundaries and restrictions. Let people make whatever kind of art they want, there is no need to limit yourself, being placed in a specific genre box is boring. I’m all for people pushing genres.

What are you hoping people get out of Tunic when they listen to it?

That’s a good question, I don’t really know. I hope some people get stoked on it and it helps pump them up. I hope others scream along to it when they have a bad day. Mostly I hope they enjoy it, because I loved making it. 

Check out and see how you can listen to their music here.

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