We had the chance to chat with Nathan Dickerson from indie folk rock band motherfolk about their new single “anchor” off their upcoming album, the flower.

Check out what Nathan had to say below.

How excited are you to release “anchor”? 

ND: Very. It’s a song we’ve been sitting on for about a year and are excited that people can finally hear it.

What can you tell us about this single? 

ND: It’s very indicative of our new song but still has a melody and structure I think a lot of our fans can appreciate. It’ll be featured on our upcoming EP, the flower. We’ve never written or demo’d more songs for any release. We really took time to challenge ourselves to create something we found new and interesting and I think it definitely shows.

What is your favorite song to perform live? 

ND: Lately “anchor” and another new one called “contact”.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians? 

ND: Take time to get the music right before you hit the ground running.

Can you describe your creative process when you’re writing new music? 

ND: At this point, it’s always fluid, but a song usually starts with an idea in our respective studios and we flesh it out from there over the next day, week, or few months.

What has been the best advice someone has given you about music?

ND: Always do exactly what you want to. I gave that advice to myself once.


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