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We recently spoke with Nashville singer-songwriter Heather Bond who has a new album, The Mess We Created, coming out on February 25, 2022. Heather talks about the process of making this album, collaborating with musician Viktor Krauss, and lots more. Check out what Heather Bond had to say below.

How excited are you to release your album?

Heather Bond (HB): I am beyond excited! We started recording this in 2016, so it’s been a long time coming. The first song we released as a single was “The Mirage,” and we put out a few others throughout 2020 to give listeners a preview. But there is nothing like releasing the whole collection – the way it’s intended. These songs mean so much to me. Viktor [Krauss] and I wrote all of them together, and I’m really proud of what came of this collaboration. I hope listeners will play the album from start to finish to experience the full range of music and share in our vision!
What was it like collaborating with Viktor Krauss?

HB: It was incredible, inspiring, fun, and quite challenging. We bring out things in each other musically that neither of us would do on our own. For example, I mostly write songs on the piano. But when Viktor and I got together, he’d play me a bass line and I’d start humming along, coming up with melodies, and the song would begin that way. It was exciting for me, to write like that. Collaborating with Viktor took me out of my comfort zone and he pushed me to really think outside the box. Songs like “Ich Weiss Nicht” and “Feel It” and “PoliSci” are 100% songs I would’ve never written on my own.
When people listen to your music, what are you hoping they get out of it?

HB: I hope most importantly they feel a connection. Whether that’s to the music, to themselves, to certain topics, to the world – anything that sparks connection. I hope people feel moved to sing along, laugh, reflect, dance, cry — all the things that I felt while writing these songs. I also hope that people want to come see me live after listening to this record. I can’t wait to start touring the album and make memories with an audience!
How would you describe the sound of your music?

HB: That’s a tricky one. I think my bio writer Elise did a good job of explaining: The resulting sound is enjoyably tricky and difficult to categorize: completely modern while hinting at an earlier musical era. No software synths or reproduced samples were used. “Heather has a classic voice,” says Krauss.“As a producer, I felt it was important to make music that could be appreciated for decades—not just for right now.”   
What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

HB: I would encourage aspiring musicians to collaborate, and also find time for yourself creatively. In my opinion, they’re equally important. It’s soul fulfilling to write music alone, but when you collaborate — you have no idea what you may be capable of or what someone may bring out of you. Also, I would advise musicians to keep creating for yourself – and not get too wrapped up in the social media end of things. There’s a song on the record about this,”Going Going.” I think it’s incredibly challenging to be a creative in these times of social media.  We are expected to deliver content 24/7, to be visible to the public at all times, to keep up with the “business” side of everything – all while just trying to create. I struggle with this, and often have to remind myself to breathe, read a book, journal, do yoga, sit at the piano, find some peace and quiet, and essentially remember why I’m doing this in the first place.
What is your favorite song to perform live?

HB: Off this particular record – I’d say “Ich Weiss Nicht.” People like to call this a “banger” (ha). It’s so fun to perform. It’s a quirky tune, with a bass line that I love, and there’s even a dance to go with it. Check out “Ich Weiss Nicht” on YouTube!  
Can you describe your creative process when you’re writing new music?

HB: Sure, well it varies. If it’s just me, I usually sit down at the piano and play a while until melodies start coming to me, and then lyrics follow. If I collaborate, the process depends on who I’m working with. Viktor and I would get together and he’d play me some funky bass line, and I’d start coming up with melodies and then we’d talk concepts — which would eventually turn into lyrics. But there were other songs, like “Fountain of Youth” from the record, where I had a piano idea, and brought it to him, and we went from there!


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