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We had a chance to catch up with pop singer Megan Nadin about her new single “Heartless Heartbreak” which dropped mid March. Her music can be described as a mix of Adele and Sia.

How excited are you to release this song?

I’m beyond excited! Typically my writing is a lot more on the heavy side of the emotional spectrum – so to be releasing a song that feels light, upbeat and airy with a message I’m proud of feels good. 

When people listen to Megan Nadin, what do you hope they get out  of your music?

My goal is for people to walk away feeling empowered, uplifted, heard, understood, connected to… any and all of the above. At the end of the day, I just want to make music that has messages and stories people can genuinely relate to – ultimately knowing they aren’t alone in whatever feelings and/or emotions they may be experiencing or navigating through. 

What do you think about the genre bending going on in music now? Do you find more artists are experimenting with many sounds?

Yes, I do see it a lot more lately and truthfully I think it’s fantastic.  If people look outside the labels of specific “genres” and listen to a song by an artist they like with open ears and an open heart; for the message and not just the style of music that carries it – I think that they’d be surprised. Plus I think experimenting is a HUGE part of music and what better way to do that then with a little genre bending. 

What are some music trends you are noticing that are happening in the last year or so with music?

One BIG music trend I’m noticing lately are TikTok Dances! Add a fun dance to a good song, next thing you know everyone and their grandmas are doing it! Ha!  It’s become a great marketing tool.

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