Photo by: Graham Morrison
We recently caught up with Eric Morgan from indie pop duo Tiny Ghosts who recently released their new song “What For?” produced by Jesse Clausen from Foreign Air. The song is an energetic dream-pop track with distinctly 90s-esque layered vocals and electrifying guitar work and features the duo themselves – Eric and Dayan Marquina dancing on railroad tracks and singing to backgrounds of neon pink.

We asked Eric about releasing new music, Tiny Ghosts’ latest music video, their creative process, and lots more. Check out our conversation below.

How excited are you to release new music?

Eric Morgan (EM): Releasing new music is one of the best feelings. So much goes into the process that by the end, it’s a real celebration just to get it out there. For us, since we do nearly everything ourselves, from demos to tracking instruments to the album artwork, it’s cathartic every time to just share the end result from these little nuggets of ideas that get built little by little into a final product.  

How would you describe the music video for “What For?”

EM: It’s really a summery, fun video that I think shows more than anything how happy we were to finally able to spend more time together in person as Tiny Ghosts. We’ve been best friends for nearly 20 years, and you can see our friendship and bond in the video. We shot the video down where I’m located in Charlotte, NC, and used my studio for the inside shots where we wanted to do a sort of abstract future-y look for the closeups on Dayan.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

EM: Goals are great, but systems are better. One pattern I see often is setting incredibly ambitious goals only to be discouraged quickly when progress isn’t fast enough. Focus on developing the habits that are required to achieve your desired outcome. Those habits will outlast goals and compound over time, making the entire music creation-releasing-promoting cycle easier. Plus, you’ll find yourself enjoying the process instead of perpetually putting your happiness off until the next goal is reached.

Photo by: Graham Morrison

What is your favorite song to perform?

EM: Maybe we will find out soon! We have not taken this project on the road yet as we started Tiny Ghost living across the country from each other. However, now that we have a handful of songs released and venues opening back up, we have begun planning. I will say that “Grasp of Me” has been the most fun to practice live with our drummer, especially for me being able to get a bit heavier in the bridge.

Can you describe your creative process when you’re writing new music?

EM: Dayan and I spend a lot of time discussing a feeling or style that we’re into, and then I’ll typically start on guitar to flesh out the song skeleton. From there, I’ll get into building out the bedding with instrumentation to get the sounds right for the vibe we’re after. I’ll almost always start a Spotify playlist for each song with the style, feeling, or attitude that we’re getting inspired by. Once I have at least the verse and chorus where I like it, I’ll send it over to Dayan to get her feedback. And then it’s really just a bunch of back and forth until we have a complete demo with vocals.

What has been the best advice someone has given you about music?

EM: That you really have to love the process and appreciate the little things. The music industry is cutthroat, so you have to be insanely dedicated and persistent but focus on what you love about the creative process so that the joy isn’t drained from your work.

Which musician(s) would you like to collaborate with in the future?

EM: Well, my dream would be something like Hayley Williams or CHVRCHES! It would be cool to do an 80s-style synthpop song with The Midnight — I absolutely love the mix of dreamy, nostalgic synths but still incredibly upfront and poignant vocals. Chloe Moriondo would be super fun to do a collaboration with as well; her songs are absolutely amazing.


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