We had a chance to chat with Latin pop singer Anna Chase about her latest music including her collaborative track “Antídoto” with international Disney star and singer Jorge Blanco.

Here’s what Anna Chase had to say about her music and “Antídoto.”

How excited are you for this collab with Jorge Blanco?

Very excited! I knew he was the perfect fit for the song the moment the song was born.

What are you hoping people get out of your music when they listen to Anna Chase?

I hope they feel that my songs are relatable, that there’s someone going through similar things they’re going through so they’re not alone in their struggles.

What is your favorite thing about performing and playing music?

Telling stories, expressing myself, making friends, and being true to myself.

What are some trends you are noticing in music these days?

I feel like Latin music is the new pop – it makes me very proud. Latin urban music, reggaeton mainly, is dominating the world and that is great! There’s a lot of fusion between Latin and US pop.

What can you tell us about “Antídoto”?

Antídoto is very colorful, bubbly, and upbeat. It celebrates love and how it can heal. It celebrates that special someone that’s always there for you, that can lift you up and make you stronger.

What’s next for Anna Chase?

More music! And hopefully more projects involving acting, that’d be great!

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