Popternative is excited to have the exclusive premiere of alternative pop artist Viana’s music video for her unique cover of the My Chemical Romance classic hit, “I’m Not Okay (I Promise).” Viana also shares with us the idea behind the music video:
Image credit: Maurisa Mackey

Since this My Chemical Romance song really is such a throwback for me, I immediately pictured myself and what I was doing in music at the time in my life where I was listening to this jam on repeat. I was playing a lot of shows, to sometimes absolutely no one, and I always felt like as long as I was on stage with my microphone I was doing what I was meant to. Covering this song came during 2020, a time where everything was a total tornado of uncertainty, and frankly, I wasn’t okay. I wanted the video just to be me going back to my roots. A video of me singing on a stage with nobody around. Getting the nerve to go up there and spill my guts, even if I was the only one listening. So, that’s what we did. Raw, simple, a woman on stage sorting through her s**t with her microphone.

Check out the music video below!

Viana is excited for the world to listen to her version,”It’s so crazy when you create a song and then get so excited for people to hear it, but then have to wait forever and ever to actually put it out into the world. I’m so happy the time has finally come.

She also gives us insight into why she chose this specific song to cover:

So, I’m a huge fan of taking bands that I used to listen to religiously when I was a teenager and covering their songs on my piano. My friend Ashley suggested that I cover this one, and as soon as I played the chords and sang the first line I was hooked on the idea. The sweet daydream memories of cruising around the backroads of my hometown blasting this tune with my friends were just the cherry on top of the experience. My producer Greg and I worked on it and the song came together super fast because we were both just so pumped on the idea of creating our own version of one of our favorite throwback jams. 


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Stream Viana’s cover of “I’m Not Okay” here

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