The newest Marvel blockbuster Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings is finally out and upon watching it, one can’t help but notice its incredible soundtrack. The music was executive produced and curated by 88 Rising, an Asian artist-collective. They have been at the forefront of Asian Hip-Hop for years now and continue to represent Asians proudly, which made them the perfect choice to be behind the music for this film. We take a look at a few songs from the movie’s soundtrack that stood out to us.

“Fire In The Sky”
Anderson Paak is arguably one of the most popular Asian artists right now, so it’s fitting to have him on this album. After going on an emotional rollercoaster, this feel good song plays during the end-credits. A master of live instrumentation, Anderson Paak’s chill guitar, bass and drums is a nice change of pace compared to the more electronic-heavy sound of the album.

“Act Up”
The song opens with a Chinese plucked string instrument that is later joined by more strings and slapping 808 bass drums. The song features Rich Brian, an 88 Rising member who is also one of the hottest Asian artists out there right now. His fast rap cadence fits so well with the beat. It also features guest vocals from Atlanta-based Hip Hop duo EarthGang.

“Hot Soup”
How often does the lead actor of a Marvel film sing on the soundtrack? Fans of Kim’s Convenience aren’t surprised to see Simu Liu share his talents as a singer, but it’s definitely nice to see the rest of the world to witness it. The song also features vocals from several members of 88 Rising and the Chinese violin at the end adds a beautiful subtle touch.

Final Thoughts
The executives at Marvel made the right choice by appointing 88 Rising as the people in charge of the music for Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings. The 88 Rising members have done so much for Asian culture already and still continue to do so. One thing I did notice was that the album did not include as much Asian musical elements as I had anticipated. Perhaps this choice was intentional as the music producers wanted to reflect a new era of Asian artistry and excellence.

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