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ILY recently released her debut album titled Neurotic under Sony Music Canada. Over the years, the Swedish singer has developed a strong reputation for putting out excellent music that combines 80s pop with EDM. Her catalogue on Spotify has over 50 million streams. Here at Popternative, we want to share our thoughts on some of the songs from the album that stood out to us.

The album’s opening song is a perfect way to hook listeners in. The drums at the beginning are very reminiscent of 80s disco music. When the piano chords come in, it seamlessly transitions the song into the build up. Then, ILY’s chorus really takes the song over the top. This song feels like it should be played on a fashion runway.

For You
ILY’s vocals float on top of the tropical synths. The minimal texture creates room for ILY’s singing to flourish. The drums at the chorus act as the ultimate payoff for the song’s gradual progression. This song makes me wish I knew how to shuffle dance.

Doing It Better
It opens with a moody pad and drums that are later joined by a funky rhythmic guitar. This song is different compared to ILY’s more traditional EDM centric songs, which shows her range as an artist. The synth brass during the chorus is a nice touch as well and further enhances the song’s overall groove.

Final Thoughts
If you like to feel uplifted, this is an album for you. The debut album by ILY does not disappoint as she continues to deliver great music to her fans. Her work on Neurotic further contributes to the notion that Sweden is a factory for producing great musicians.

Check out our interview with ILY below!

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