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Canadian-Vietnamese artist Anders just released his 9-song project titled Honest. The “Love No More” and “Bad Habits” singer is continuing to make a name for himself globally. For better or worse, Anders’ music has drawn a lot of comparisons to The Weeknd’s early days and this album further exemplifies that. We take a look at a few songs from the album that stood out to us.

“Free Myself”
The album opens with this strong ballad-like song that goes so well with the bouncy 808 drums. The texture of this song is very minimalistic with a simple 808 pattern, some subtle electric keys and occasional guitar. This allows Anders’ vocals to shine throughout the song.

“Floor 21”
The guitar loop’s dissonant sound gives the song a bittersweet vibe, which fits Anders’ overall aesthetic. The producer’s use of a rim shot instead of snare or clap is a nice change of pace. During the second chorus, the strings beautifully come in and give the song a grandeur feeling.

A more up tempo track compared to the rest of the album. Like most of the songs on Honest, it features a melancholic guitar. The outro of the song has an amazing saxophone solo with strings underneath.

Final Thoughts
Honest is definitely a sonically cohesive body of work. For those who were fans of The Weeknd’s House of Balloons days, this album is for you. Yes, he sounds like The Weeknd a little bit, but not in a copy cat way. It’s also interesting that only one song features guest appearances from other artists. There is no denying that like other music cities around the world, Toronto has its own distinct sound and Anders continues to be one of its main contributors.

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