It appears as though the nostalgia is strong these days… because vintage is in!

Whether it’s dressing in vintage clothing, hosting a 1950s-themed party, or bringing back decorating trends from when your grandparents were kids – the new ‘new’ is all about the old.

Man Cave

I’m a big fan of decorating your man cave, garage or living room with vintage collectibles. They’re conversation starters, they add to the vibe, and they just look cool.

Take these vintage signs for instance. They seem to be all the rage, and I can understand why. They have a certain element of fun about them.

I’m also a big fan of vintage light fixtures… and so are many others apparently. Here’s an entire website talking about old-time light bulbs.

Party Time

I have always wanted to be invited to a 1950s-themed party. The clothing, the music, the hair – what a good time that would be.

As of right now, I have yet to be invited to one though so maybe I should just throw my own – but how exactly would you go about throwing a 1950s party? This article has some great insight.

Imagine how fun it would be to decorate like the 1950s.


Decorating 1950s-style for a party is fun – but why not take a permanent trip to almost 70 years ago? More and more people are doing it all the time as 50s furniture is back.

The colorful appliances; the huge wooden desks; brass furniture. Old time furniture is so distinguished and large. It can fill up a room and have it feeling warm and comfortable.


Old clothing trends are always coming back.

Loud colors, large hats and rompers are all part of the 1950s dress trends, and are all quite popular today, along with vintage polo shirts, Converse sneakers and leather jackets. Check out these two sites for more ideas: Modern Vintage Outfits and The Idle Man.

It’s true that trends never really disappear – they just go away for a while. And we see that in clothing trends all the time.

These days, the nostalgia is coming back in more ways than just clothing.
What’s your favorite vintage trend that you’d love to see come back to the mainstream?