We chatted with international model, certified health coach, pilates instructor and CEO Tasha Franken about her new wellness app T-F Studio. Tasha tells us all about the app, why she created it, her modeling experiences, and working in the entertainment, marketing and content industry. Check out what she had to say below.

How did you get involved with modeling?

Tasha Franken (TF): I got scouted on the beach in Tarifa, Spain back in summer 2011. After some research and skype calls with the agency (to make sure it was all legitimate) I flew to London to meet them on my way back to Manchester University where I was studying at the time. I never ended up going back to Manchester and began modeling full time from there.

What is something about modeling you can tell us that people might not know?

TF: Two questions I always get asked are, do you get to keep the clothes, and which jobs pay the most? Well no, you don’t get to keep the clothes and the jobs you assume pay the most – like magazine covers and fashion shows – actually pay the least. There’s more money in campaigns and commercials.

What can you tell us about T — F Studio?

TF: T – F Studio is an online Fitness platform that I created during the pandemic after struggling to find an online workout for myself to do at home. The workouts are designed to work for everyone, anywhere and anytime using minimal space, time and equipment at an affordable price. 

What were your specific goals with T — F Studio?

TF: I developed T – F Studio after trying every method, fitness class and trainer around the world and really struggling to find something that actually made me feel good. There’s an overwhelming amount of misinformation when it comes to fitness, especially for women. So, I really wanted to create a style of movement that feels good and strengthens both mind and body to create mental and physical results – without any sort of negative pressure or stress. T – F Studio is a safe and comfortable space to move and feel your best. 

How important would you say is it to wear many hats in the entertainment, marketing and content industry?

TF: I would say it’s really important to have an understanding of every part of your industry and business so that you’re always able to bring ideas, give feedback and take over at any moment if something goes wrong. That being said, it’s also important to know when to hire experts for certain things so that you can focus on the bigger picture and what you’re best at. 


For more on T — F Studio, check out their website where you can start a free 7-day trial.

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