We recently spoke with Heidi Lynch and Perrie Voss who are both creators, producers, writers, and actors on Avocado Toast The Series. The second and final season of the series recently launched on OUTtv.com and froot.tv.  Avocado Toast The Series is a dramedy where millennials try to navigate their way into the fulfilled lives their boomer parents always wanted for them.

Check out our conversation with Heidi and Perrie below.

What made you want to become a storyteller?

Heidi: I am such a fan of Michaela Coel and Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Lena Dunham. This is the generation of writing the stories you are not seeing on screen. I felt really driven to be a part of creating a bisexual narrative and a great story about platonic female friendship and how meaningful and complicated it can be. That continued with Season 2 and wanting to share the experience of endometriosis – creating conversations around it and making endowarrriors feel seen.

Perrie: I think I’ve always been a storyteller. I think we all are as human beings. Even as a kid in acting classes, I wanted to shine a light on a character’s experiences and other people’s narratives. I wanted to create connection and maybe open a door for other people to empathize with a character or story. But in my 20s there was a building desire to share my own experiences and points of view with a larger audience. I was searching for connection when we can often feel so alone in our personal stories, so it was a way of doing that.

What do you think is the best thing about being a storyteller?

Heidi: Being in charge of the narrative. Writing, casting, and creating a world you would want to live in with people and characters you want to be reflected in film and TV. Mining the story for how to make all of these wonderful characters coexist and mean something to one another.

Perrie: I love the process of literally creating worlds and characters and weaving a story that was based in truth and then re-framing it in an allegory or metaphor. What I also discovered while shooting Season 1 is that there is something so uplifting about sharing a personal story in a fictionalized way, and then having that experience reflected back to you by the audience. It’s amazing how many people reached out on Instagram, text, and in person after watching our show to say that they had the same experiences or felt like they were the only one who felt that way,  and then shared their own stories around that. I had no idea how gratifying and rewarding it would be. Sharing our stories creates connection, makes people feel seen, and sometimes that validation can be life-saving.

What can people expect from season 2 of Avocado Toast The Series?

Perrie: We’re once again tackling some huge themes and learning curves for our characters but I think the three storylines weave together in a surprisingly beautiful and balanced way. We have some new brilliant, beautiful characters played by some wonderfully talented Canadian actors, Clare McConnell, Prince Amponsah, Katelyn McCulloch, Noah Lemanna, as well as some returning favourites like Brenda Robins, Scott Cavalheiro, and Mag Ruffman. And Alexander Nunez, who had a smaller part in Season 1, is such a brilliant writer and actor that we just had to have him join us on the writing team and as a lead actor as Jordan for Season 2. So we get to see Jordan trying to navigate work and dating – I think we can all relate to that!

Heidi: A lot of laughs and a lot of tears. Basically, all the feels.

What was the mindset like for season 2 compared to season 1?

Heidi: The mindset or major theme is intimacy. Longing for intimacy when you’re incapable of asking for help, longing for intimacy when you’ve created a life so busy you have no time for it, seeking intimacy at all costs to the point where you completely lose sight of yourself.

Perrie: We still wanted to tell stories that resonated within our own experiences so our protagonists went with us and consequently our characters have taken a huge divergence from season 1. Molly and Elle have had a falling out so we explore what happens in a friendship breakup, which is something that isn’t really looked at but can be so hard and heartbreaking. Molly has also been diagnosed with endometriosis, which gets some important and necessary conversation, education, and understanding throughout the season. For Elle’s storyline, I again used experiences of my own life. Elle’s mental health has been ailing. Panic attacks and ultimately a nervous breakdown bring her to look for help in a wellness community but it turns out… it’s a cult.

The cult is a metaphor, but I wanted to talk about my own experiences dealing with panic attacks, over-work, breakdowns and the experience of losing touch with yourself. I also wanted to use the allegory of a cult leader to talk about bullying and manipulation, which I have experienced from people I thought I could trust. So there’s a journey of learning how to listen to my inner compass again and the difference between healthy and toxic relationships. I wanted to bring those difficult stories out of me and share with our audiences, again by way of connection and continuing the ever important mental health conversation. But. like Season 1, it’s a rich tapestry of comedy and heartbreak.

When people watch Avocado Toast, what are you hoping they get out of it?

Perrie: I hope they can identify with the characters who are doing their best to navigate their own lives. None of our characters are perfect and I think there is something so relatable about watching that unfold onscreen. And of course have some big laughs and go on the journey with these wacky but grounded characters.

Heidi: I am hoping they look back on a friendship that ended badly and are reminded of what the good times you had together meant. I am hoping that anyone with a uterus who is struggling in pain gets that boost to ask for help one more time (or, even better, someone who supports someone with a uterus who sees their person struggling advocates for them). I am hoping they are moved to speak up for what they need in a healthy way.


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