We recently chatted with dancer, choreographer, actor and influencer Kent Boyd about all things dance! Kent got his start as runner up on Fox’s hit dance show So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD), and has toured around the world as a dancer for SYTYCD and various chart topping artists. He’s also choreographed music videos for artists including Vanessa Hudgens, Becky G and Franz Szony. We asked Kent about his experience on SYTYCD, transitioning from dancer to choreographer, and lots more. Check it out below.
Image credit: Vince Trupsin

When did you first fall in love with dance?

Kent Boyd (KB): One of my earliest, most remarkable experiences is when I was 11 years old at my first dance convention. In one of the classes, they had us dance to a remix of the hokey pokey. We formed a circle and danced in a very animated and upbeat fashion. I felt an insane energy go through my entire body, it was so addicting. I was officially hooked.

Can you talk a bit about the growth and transition from being a dancer to being a choreographer?

KB: The growth was natural, it came with time. The transition was hard because I had to learn to be assertive and to better direct people. It was like going from attending a party to having to plan it. Networking became more important. I felt and still feel the need to pitch myself more to make a stronger impression. 

There’s a lot of trends and dances on TikTok; in your opinion, what do influencers need to do to stand out?

KB: You need to match the music. Make a moment and create a vibe, and make it look effortless. People want to be entertained by something that looks and feels entertaining!

What was it like working on So You Think You Can Dance, and what were some learning experience for you on that show?

KB: It was very intense and physically demanding, probably one of the hardest jobs on my body. I’m so grateful for their physical therapy program! The experience helped me understand film better. I paid attention to how I was being recorded on the cameras. I was focused on how it would look to the audience at home, instead of the live audience. The gained knowledge helped me get ready for a television career.

What is the best thing about being a storyteller/dancer?

KB: Making people feel. I see it as having the gift of giving a story. It can be cathartic and healing, whether it be personal or for someone else. There’s a huge spiritual aspect to it that fulfills me as well.

What was it like working on Teen Beach movies 1 and 2? When were you starting to realize that the franchise was taking off?

KB: It was amazing because I actually enjoyed the music. I am a big fan of musicals so I appreciate a good score. All of the dancing had so much energy! The set was a full ’60s fantasy, I felt I had instantly stepped through a time machine. Even before going on set, I could tell the movies were going to be good, just off the music and choreography.


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