We were joined on the Popternative show by French-Canadian content creator and dancer Sarah-Jade Bleau (AKA SJ Bleau) who holds an impressive social media following across multiple platforms. Best known for her TikTok dancing videos, SJ has amassed 14.1 million followers and counting with over 635 million likes alone on that platform.

Aside from showcasing her natural dancing talents, SJ uses her social platforms to highlight important issues such as mental health, shining a light on her very personal journey with hormonal acne, as well as advocating for better care of the environment. While she has expanded her brand into the fashion and beauty realm partnering with companies such as Hugo Boss, L’Oreal Paris, Steve Madden, and Garage Clothing, she tells us that dance will always be her number one: “My first love will always be dancing. Dancing has been in my life ever since I was 7 years old […] it’s been my first love.”

When asked about how she began her online content creation journey, SJ attributes it to the covid-19 pandemic:

“I was on a dancing tour because I had done a TV show and we had gone all the way to the finals, and we went to do the tour, so it was strictly all dancing for two months. And then the tour stopped because of covid and I was like I need to do something to still be dancing and have fun and keep up with the dancing, and TikTok was just starting to be a new thing, everyone was telling me to get on it. I started posting on it thinking nothing of it. I was not even a social media person at all […] I was never on my phone. Then I started posting dancing content and people starting loving it and following […] When I hit 2,000 followers on TikTok I was mind blown.”

SJ also discusses her goal of always wanting to create authentic content, the kinds of videos which have received the most traction, and balancing being both a dancer and content creator.

Watch the full interview with SJ Bleau below.

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