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Season 3 of Virgin River, which is now available on Netflix, does not waste any time and picks up right where we left off in season 2. As we return to the stunning Virgin River, many questions are raised including the big one: Who shot Jack? Here are some quick takeaways and tidbits we’d like to share with you from this season (no spoilers).

New Characters

Some new faces are upon us this season including Jack’s sister and Lily’s older daughter.

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Relationships Are Growing in Virgin River

We are diving right back into several relationships including Ricky and Lizzie, and of course, Doc and Hope.

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Getting To Know Brady

Brady, played by Benjamin Hollingsworth, has quite the season 3 where we get to know arguably the most misunderstood and complicated character in the series.

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Just like the past seasons, season 3 is certainly bingeworthy and might leave us with many more questions by the end of it.

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