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We recently got to speak with some of the cast members and showrunner of Amazon Prime Video’s Modern Love season 2. The second season of the romantic comedy anthology series will drop on August 13, 2021. Check out our interviews below with John Carney, Garrett Hedlund, Zoë Chao, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Andrew Rannells, Marquis Rodriguez and Zane Pais.

John Carney
Showrunner John Carney (Sing Street, Begin Again) also wrote and directed a few epidoses for season 2.

Garrett Hedlund
Garett Hedlund (TRON: Legacy, Country Strong) stars in episode 6, In The Waiting Room of Estranged Spouses, alongside academy award winner Anna Paquin.
Episode synopsis: After a chance meeting in a therapist’s office, a former marine and a housewife develop an unlikely connection when they discover their respective spouses are having an affair with each other.

Zoë Chao and Gbenga Akinnagbe
Zoë Chao (God Particles, Love Life) and Gbenga Akinnagbe (Edge of Darkness, The Wire) star together in the second episode, The Night Girl Finds a Day Boy.
Episode synopsis: A woman with delayed sleep phase syndrome meets the love of her life. The catch is: he’s awake while the sun is shining and she is not.

Andrew Rannells, Marquis Rodriguez and Zane Pais
Andrew Rannells (The Book of Mormon, Girls) wrote and directed episode 7, How Do You Remember Me? It stars Marquis Rodriguez (When They See Us) and Zane Pais (Room 104).
Episode synopsis: For two young men, running into each other reminds them of their first and only date together. But do they remember that night the same way?

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