Actress and musician Theresa Frostad Eggesbø recently joined us on the Popternative podcast. The Norway-native is currently starring as Saxa in Netflix’s hit series Ragnarok. Season 2 just dropped on Netflix on May 27. In the interview, we talk about being on Netflix, her music career, the global reception of the series, and more.

Image credit: Netflix

The show’s reception from viewers is something Theresa is still trying to comprehend, “They send messages. They talk about how they love it and I think it’s so beautiful” she says. Being on a platform like Netflix, the show’s global reach has been remarkable, Theresa pointed out “It’s insane. I think that the response from other countries has been more than we’ve had in Norway. It’s huge in Brazil and Turkey.”

Theresa is also a musician under the name Resa Saffa Park and she will be releasing an EP in the Fall. In the interview, she also mentions that she always knew she wanted to act and play music.

You can watch the full interview below!

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