We recently had the chance to speak with French composer and actor Stephen Manas on the Popternative show. He currently plays Richard Montlaur in Apple TV+’s hit show Ted Lasso. In our interview, we talk about the show’s reception, his acting career and much more.

Prior to traveling around the world as a renowned music composer, Stephen discovered his love for film and television at a young age after watching the Harry Potter films. A few years later, Stephen would get his foot in the door once he heard about a film that was being shot in his hometown of Saint-Germain-en-Laye that was looking for extras.

There’s no denying that Ted Lasso has become a global phenomenon. When asked about the show’s impact and reception Stephen said, “I’m extremely happy to be part of the show.” With all the praise the show has been receiving, Stephen chooses to remain humble, and motivated “We still have work to do. We stay focused. We stay in shape.” He goes on to explain why he felt that Ted Lasso has been a success, “It’s so personal. That’s why Ted Lasso works. You can hate football, but love the show.”

A common trend we’re seeing when we conduct these Ted Lasso cast interviews is that they all cite the locker room scenes as some of their favorite moments during filming. This is because it’s when all the guys are together, Stephen says, “It’s our place, its our home.”

You can watch the full interview below!

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