We had the chance to speak with Canadian actor Moe Jeudy-Lamour on the Popternative podcast. Born in Montreal, he currently plays goalkeeper Thierry Zoreaux in AppleTV’s hit series Ted Lasso. In our interview, we talk about his character arc, the show’s reception and much more.

Ted Lasso
When Moe joined the cast, it was a seamless transition for him he says “It was so cool because everybody took me in like I had been there for a while already.” This chemistry certainly translates on-screen when viewers watch the show. On the surface, the show may seem like it’s about soccer, but the show is very layered and complex Moe says “I didn’t have any doubts about that just because Jason [Sudeikis] is so smart as a writer knowing where the show’s going” and added “It’s about life. It’s so much more than football. I knew right away.

When asked about the show’s reception from his family and friends, Moe replied “My friends make fun of me a lot more now. They have more material to make fun of me now.

You can watch the full interview below!

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