We had the chance to chat with the legendary Kim Coates about his new project Action Royale which is a new series coming to Snapchat.

The new original series premieres Saturday, October 9 with 10 episodes launching every other day, available to watch only on Snapchat.

Action Royale Official Logline: To pay off his father’s gambling debt and take care of his younger brother, a teenager organizes an underground esports gambling ring, betting that his gaming phenom best friend can’t lose. On a winning streak but in over their heads, they quickly find themselves immersed in a dangerous high-stakes world. Series stars Kim Coates, Haleigh Hekking, Nicholas Hamilton, Sean Maguire and more. Produced by award-winning content company, Portal A. Each episode averages 5 minutes in length and airs to Snapchatters globally on the Discover page.

In our interview, Coates talks about the series in depth, and explains his immense excitement to be part of this Snap original.

Check out the full interview below.

For more on Action Royale, check out their profile page and Portal A.

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