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In 1938, Superman made his first appearance and has been a comic book icon ever since. So when actor Jordan Elsass was presented with the opportunity to be a part of the Arrowverse, he understood the weight that carried. The reception from Superman & Lois fans hasn’t gone unnoticed by Jordan, “it’s been crazy, I definitely think the show has made a splash so far.” Unlike previous adaptions of Superman, this series dives deeper into Clark Kent’s family dynamic, “it’s definitely unique to see, not only just the boys for the first time, but Superman dealing with these problems.” Often times, viewers have Superman on a pedestal, but to see how this show manages to humanize a god-like being is brilliant.

Jordan Elsass Playing Jonathan Kent

With all the different versions of Superman that we’ve seen over the years, Jordan Elsass is honoured to bring his character Jonathan Kent to life onscreen. Although for many this may be the first time viewers have heard of Jonathan Kent, that name is part of Superman’s story in the comic books. In Jordan’s interview with Popternative, he spoke about the writers’ decision to include complex character arcs for Clark Kent’s children in the show, “they wanted to make sure everyone knows that these characters aren’t being placed in there just for the sake of being placed in there.”

You can watch the full interview below! Be sure to also check out our interview with Dylan Kingwell here who plays a young Clark Kent on Superman & Lois.

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