We had the chance to speak with Canadian actor, comedian, and gameshow host Gerry Dee on the Popternative show. He is currently the face and host of CBC’s Family Feud Canada. In the interview, we talk about his career, being a host and tons more.

Throughout his career, Gerry has built up an impressive resume wearing many different hats, “I’m very lucky to do them all. They all kind of cross over a little bit, but for the most part they are three different things I love doing” he says.

Family Feud Canada

When Gerry was asked to be the host of Family Feud Canada he said “It was a very quick yes.” Being on a gameshow is different than being on a scripted television show Gerry mentioned, “You can’t really prepare. It’s a lot of improv and in the moment stuff that you just try to react to the best you can. It’s a lot of hit and miss, trying to find the funny where I can.” The different landscape did come with some learning curves in regards to the show’s format he said, “I have a great group of producers and team from Zone 3 and CBC that helps me maneuver through the rules.

Growing up, Gerry remembers first watching Family Feud at the age of 10. The thing that stands out to him the most as a host he says is, “It’s meeting the families. It sounds so cheesy, but you get to know them” and added “There’s so many small towns represented on the show across the country. So many cultures, everything is represented so well. I get to know them and connect with them.

You can watch the full interview below!

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