Squid Game is the most popular series globally at the moment, and fans can’t get enough of the series and its content. We had the amazing opportunity to speak with actor Geoffrey Giuliano on the Popternative show who plays VIP 4 in episode 6. He is the only VIP we get to see without a mask on, and we talked all about it in our interview and much more.

Geoffrey describes what it was like working on the Squid Game set: “That was the most spectacular set I have ever seen. I was in that main set, where the VIPs were, and I tell you, it was like half the size of a shopping mall.” Many have been talking about the accents of all the American VIPs, and Geoffrey explains: “It was a characterization, a comedic character based on a fantasy of what American idiot business men are like, and it worked.” He also talks a bit about a potential second season and what his thoughts are on that.

Check out the full interview below!

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