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As an actor who hasn’t even reached adulthood yet, Canadian Dylan Kingwell has already begun forming an impressive resume with the titles he’s been involved in. The Vancouver-native has credits on projects such as Superman & Lois, The 100, The Good Doctor, A Series of Unfortunate Events and others.

Dylan Kingwell in Superman & Lois

Most recently, Dylan got the chance to bring an iconic figure to life onscreen for The CW’s new series Superman & Lois. In the series pilot episode, Dylan enters the Arrowverse as he plays a teenage Clark Kent. Dylan was an avid comic book fan growing up, so when he was presented with the chance to be part of Superman’s origin story, he said “It just reignited that excitement that I used to feel for superheroes.” Even though he’s only appeared in one episode thus far, Dylan didn’t fail to leave an impression on the audience.

The 100

Superman & Lois isn’t the only CW show he’s worked on. In the final season of The 100, Dylan had a recurring role as Luca, a boy who witnesses his entire family get killed. In his interview with Popternative, Dylan stated that it was one of his more challenging roles because the of amount of emotions he was going through to get himself into character. This challenge ended up sparking his new love for dramatic roles. Now, Dylan relishes any chance he gets to be in a drama because “you have an opportunity to give a performance that blows people away.” It is quite incredible seeing a young actor already have that drive and willingness to embrace a challenge in acting. I wouldn’t be surprised to see his attitude and mindset take him far in the industry.

You can watch the full interview below!

Fun fact, he’s a Vancouver Whitecaps fan just like me! Sorry, I had to.

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