Some people think men and women can’t be friends without the complications of romance getting in the way, but the Francesca Delbanco and Nicholas Stoller created Apple TV+ series Platonic prove they can. The series premiered on May 24th and follows Will (Seth Rogen) and Sylvia (Rose Byrne), former childhood friends, who reconnect later in their adult lives. Tre Hale co-stars in Platonic as Andy, Will’s close pal and business partner in their bar business.

When getting into the mindset of playing Andy, Tre didn’t have to search far and credits the work as some of the easiest acting he ever had to do. “I mean I feel like I was cheating a little bit because Andy on paper, if I’m being honest, he’s very similar to myself. I think we both have a lot of the same aspirations. Not like the same aspirations, because he obviously wants to run a bar. I’m trying to do something different but just the same mindset and the same approach to trying to get what we want in life. So it wasn’t that hard really to sink into Andy’s shoes if I’m being honest,” Tre told Popternative.

(L-R): Tre Hale as Andy and Carla Gallo as Katie in season 1 episode 10 of Platonic. Photo by: Apple TV+

He went on to talk about working alongside his funny co-stars:

“I think the biggest challenge for me was starting to understand myself as a joke deliverer. Being on a set where we got to improv a lot and have a lot of fun and you’re with people that are very funny, and they can take scenes a certain way, so for me it was really big to just listen as an actor. Kind of letting actors like Seth and Rose take the lead and follow where they go on a scene and again credit to our producers and everyone for letting me feel comfortable enough with kind of improv and riffing and making Andy a little more real to myself. I tell people sometimes, and I don’t want people to think that it was easy by any means, but for lack of a better [word] it was some of the easiest acting I feel like I’ll ever have to do being able to just go have fun.”

Watch the full interview with Tre Hale below.

Season one of Platonic is available to stream on Apple TV+


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