Documentary filmmaking, with its capacity to bring complex, often hidden issues to light, is once again evolving the landscape of storytelling. A new, powerful feature-length documentary, This Hits Home, is making waves with its potent examination of an aspect of domestic violence that has been insufficiently explored: traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

Helmed by filmmaker Sydney Scotia, This Hits Home delivers a compassionate, rigorously researched presentation of the devastating impacts of TBIs among victims of domestic violence. Scotia’s compelling storytelling grips you, demanding attention to this crucial topic.

The documentary interlaces heart-wrenching personal stories with enlightening scientific insights, constructing a deeply impactful narrative that is both engaging and profoundly distressing. It shatters the silence surrounding the physical damage domestic abuse can inflict, putting a spotlight on TBIs as a catastrophic fallout of such violence.

Behind the scenes of This Hits Home

Expert interviews with neurologists, policy makers, and coalition leaders punctuate the survivors’ narratives, offering a clinical perspective on the debilitating effects of TBIs. By melding personal experiences with scientific explanations, Scotia demystifies the concept of trauma, inviting viewers to truly comprehend and empathize with the victims’ experiences.

This Hits Home doesn’t shy away from examining the systemic issues around underreporting and misdiagnosis of these injuries. The documentary underscores how healthcare systems frequently fail to properly diagnose and treat domestic abuse-related TBIs, exacerbating the cycle of trauma and its far-reaching impacts. Scotia’s documentary, however, doesn’t stop at revealing the problem. It pushes for change, outlining ways medical professionals, law enforcement, and society as a whole can improve their response to TBI victims of domestic violence. It delivers a blueprint for a future where victims receive the attention, aid, and justice they rightly deserve.

Still from This Hits Home

In its bravery and stark honesty, this documentary has the potential to be a game-changer in our understanding and handling of domestic violence. More than a documentary, Scotia’s film is a clarion call for action. It is a challenging watch, but it is essential for anyone committed to comprehending the multifaceted nature of domestic violence. By highlighting the urgent need for society to recognize this hidden facet of abuse, the documentary advocates for increased research, improved care, and ultimately, prevention.

This Hits Home is a groundbreaking documentary that pays a profound homage to a subject as complex and harrowing as traumatic brain injuries from domestic violence. It delivers an unwavering look at a grim reality, compelling us to face an issue that is too often swept under the carpet. The film underscores that understanding is the first step towards change, a step we need to take urgently.

Still from This Hits Home

At Popternative, we firmly believe that pop culture goes beyond mere entertainment; it serves as a lens to illuminate pressing societal issues. This Hits Home brilliantly exemplifies this notion, and we hope it sparks significant dialogues and actions in our collective fight against domestic violence.

This Hits Home is now available on Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, and all video on demand platforms.

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