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Digital art in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) is beginning to change the landscape in the art world. Now, art buyers can purchase exclusive works and own an authentic digital signature of the artwork. For several cast members of the 1993 classis baseball film The Sandlot, they are using NFT digital collectibles to provide a unique view on set nearly 3 decades later.

It’s been 28 years and it feels like people still have just as much as love for this film as ever. It’s such a blessing as an actor be part of something that lives on like this.” says Victor Di Mattia in a recent press release, who played Timmy Timmons in the film. This new campaign is surely a great way to reward and engage with fans of the cult classic decades later. Most of the cast was comprised of kids, so their parents would roam the sets using their cameras to capture memories that would last a life time. Now, those photos are being adapted into NFT digital collectibles where people can relive what it was like to be on set in 1993.

These are our personal photos that have never been seen before. It’s such a cool inside look at the film that it’s something we’ve always wanted to share with the fans” Victor added. Also, with NFT digital collectibles gaining more popularity, Victor and the other cast members saw an opportunity, “it gives us the ability to share these images directly with the fans. We’re all really proud of the collective we’ve been able to put together.”

The Sandlot NFT packs can be purchased from their website and are distributed through the WAX blockchain its partners Pink Network ( and These collectibles hit the market on April 19, 2021 but are available for pre-sale now. Fans can also expect more series of NFTs to be released in upcoming years.

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