Netflixs sports docu-series, UNTOLD, is currently in its third volume which premiered on August 1st with the episode UNTOLD: Jake Paul the Problem Child. The upcoming episode will focus on the rise, the fall, and the redemption of football icon Johnny Manziel, dubbed “Johnny Football.” UNTOLD: Johnny Football will debut August 8 on the streaming platform. Watch the official teaser below.

The 70 minute segment will center on how “Manziel rejected his newfound fame and suddenly lost his way. Along with his family, coaches, his former best friend, and his agent, Manziel details what happened behind the scenes as scandals piled up and he fumbled his shot at broader success after the Cleveland Browns picked him in the first round of the NFL draft in 2014. Manziel will reveal however that he went on to search for inner peace and happiness.”

“I hope viewers take away a nuanced and intimate understanding of Johnny and the running tension between his life as Johnny Football and Johnny Manziel. This isn’t one of those sports docs on an older player looking back on victory or defeat and reflecting accordingly in a tidy ending. Johnny is still mid-stream in a lot of this, and I hope this doc offers a compelling and honest look at his present-tense processing,” says director Ryan Duffy.

More UNTOLD stories to follow on August 15th and 22nd.

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