We were joined on the Popternative show by actress Madeleine McGraw (The Black Phone) and former Marine turned filmmaker Kyle Perritt to discuss their short horror film, Robbie Ain’t Right No More. The film recently had its LA premiere at the 23rd edition of the Screamfest Horror Film Festival which ran from October 10-19, 2023, ahead of its December 1st, 2023 release.

The film is described as “a genre bending take on PTSD,” and follows Sarah (Madeleine McGraw) who was incredibly close with her older brother Robbie before he went off to war. But now he’s cold and distant. He does not seem quite right anymore. When Sarah refuses to let him slip away, she finds out he brought something horrific home with him. Robbie Ain’t Right No More also stars Jadon Cal (Last of the Grads), Jason Davis (The Staircase), Revell Carpenter (My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend), Walker Trull, and Mary Emily Deal (Murder in Bb Minor).

Check out our conversation with Madeleine and Kyle below about making Robbie Ain’t Right No More.

Visit www.seamlesspictures.com/robbieaintrightnomore for more information about the film.

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