We caught up with Sydney Scotia about the new season of the Crave Original comedy series, Pillow Talk. Season 2 of the Canadian series premiered on the streaming service on August 18th with all 10 episodes. Premiering in February 2022, Pillow Talk follows the lives of four couples and a pair of roommates all in the intimacy of their own bedrooms. Sydney plays Lydia, who recently moved in with her boyfriend, Andy (played by Matt Mazur).

We asked Sydney all about returning for season 2 and getting to know her character, the important storylines in the series, and more.

Check out our conversation below.

You have been playing Lydia for 2 seasons now. Do you feel you’ve grown into understanding this character more, or are you continually learning about her?

Sydney Scotia (SS): In the first season, I spent countless hours studying the script and Lydia’s quirky personality so I could connect with her emotions and humor. Her assertiveness and hilarious reactions often heightened the Lydia and Andy scenes. By season 2, I felt Lydia and I were in sync, however, I still continued to be surprised or have a good laugh at her emotional and comical interactions with Andy. Lydia’s character reveals many layers beneath the obvious surface and I love discovering and playing with each of them.

Returning for season 2 of Pillow Talk, did you feel a different energy or approach towards it compared to the first season?

SS: Yes! I was equally ‘over-the-moon’ excited for, both, season 1 and season 2, but with season 1 under my belt, I returned more relaxed and familiar with the production rhythm and excited to reunite with our wonderful team. Season 2 allowed me to dive deeper into Lydia’s psyche, take some improvisational liberties, and explore her evolving relationship dynamic with Andy.

(L-R): Matt Mazur as Andy and Sydney Scotia as Lydia in season 2 of Pillow Talk. Photo by: Crave

What traits or quirks of Lydia resonate with you the most or make her a character you enjoy portraying?

SS: Lydia’s sarcasm and sharp wit disguise deeper vulnerabilities that she tries to hide but that peek through occasionally. It’s a fun challenge to portray that sarcastic wit in a likable way.

Pillow Talk addresses a important topics. As an actor, which storylines or messages have had the most profound impact on you, either from your episodes or the series at large?

SS: The beauty of Pillow Talk is in its adept handling of everyday issues with humor. While all topics touched upon resonate with me, the challenges of cohabitation and balancing personal space had me thinking. The nuanced portrayal of relationship struggles through a comedic lens were eye-opening!

Sydney Scotia as Lydia in season 2 of Pillow Talk. Photo by: Crave

With the recent release of Pillow Talk‘s second season on Crave, what are you hoping audiences takeaway?

SS: As viewers settle in for season 2, my hope is that they see themselves in Lydia, Andy, and their shared moments. Beyond the laughter and comedic sketches, Pillow Talk paints a picture of love, growth, and the ups and downs of relationships. It’s a reflection of everyday life and love, and I hope the audience connects with it on multiple levels. And, of course, I hope they laugh out loud and love the show!


Season 2 of Pillow Talk is streaming on Crave in Canada.

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