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We caught up with actor, comedian, and writer Brent Pope who can be seen in the latest season of Prime Video’s romantic dramedy series With Love which premiered on June 2. The series centers on siblings Lily (Emeraude Toubia) and Jorge Diaz (Mark Indelicato) as they navigate big life changes and rely on their big family. The cast also includes Rome Flynn, Desmond Chiam, Vincent Rodriguez III, Isis King, Todd Grinnell, Constance Marie, and Benito Martinez.

In season 2, we will meet Ben, played by Brent, the proud Filipino Texas dad of Henry (Vincent Rodriguez III). We asked Brent about joining season 2 of With Love, working with the ensemble cast, and his podcast, “Brentfast with Brent Pope.”

Check out our conversation below.

What can viewers expect from your character, Ben, in season 2 of With Love?

Brent Pope (BP): Ben is a proud Filipino man and a proud Texan, but most of all, he’s a family man who loves his son Henry and his wife Lea. I think you can expect to explore how their family expresses love for each other in their own unique way, which is a common theme throughout the run of With Love.

Were there particular aspects of the series that initially drew you to be part of it?

BP: The chance to play a character who actually was written in the script as a Filipino man, that’s never happened for me before, so that was incredibly intriguing. As for the show itself, it’s funny, it has a lot of heart, and the wardrobe/costumes are next level, so those were also selling points. And getting to work with the fabulous showrunner, Gloria Calderón Kellett? I just admire her so much, plus she’s hilarious, and she is just the best boss you could ask for on a show.

Are there parts of your character that you were able to relate to? Or is he completely different?

BP: Absolutely. Ben is a bit of a jokester who believes in finding the fun in any situation, and that is just so close to my personality. On the other hand,Ben is a Texas Longhorns fan, and I grew up as a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan, and those 2 fanbases are like oil and vinegar. I’m sure my family and friends in Nebraska will give me some grief for doing the whole “hook ‘em horns” gesture, but I think it’s kind of funny.

Brent Pope. Photo by: Vanie Poyey

What was it like working with the ensemble cast?

BP: This is truly an ensemble cast. Everyone is just so talented and ready to go for it at all times, so it was one of my favorite acting experiences ever! And getting to work closely with Vincent Rodriguez III, a fellow Filipino who I really admire from his work on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend as Josh Chan, that was just next level for me. I just had so much fun with the whole cast of this show.

You also host your own podcast, “Brentfast with Brent Pope.” What made you start it, and what can audiences expect from it?

BP: The Brentfast podcast started really organically back in 2019. I love breakfast, or Brentfast, if you will. I also love meeting with new and old friends to celebrate, commiserate, strategize, etc. The podcast kind of combines those 2 loves in a very fun way. When you listen to Brentfast, you will get great breakfast recommendations with a discussion down to the molecular level. You will also get a deep dive into the creative journeys of people who are actually working in entertainment: actors, writers, directors, producers, you name it. Most of all, you are immersed in a very fun experience.


With Love season 2 is streaming on Prime Video.

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