We recently had the opportunity to ask actor Carl McDowell, who plays TTD on HBO’s Ballers, a few questions about his past year.

Popternative: It has been a big year for Carl McDowell, and Ballers was a big part of it. Talk about how what attributed to the success you had this year

CM: Ballers and TTD is the reason I had all the success I had this year, I got a ton of exposure on the show and it lead me to other things, hopefully that keeps up and I’ll have more big years, but I owe my success this year to Ballers and TTD.


Popternative: There was a lot more TTD in Ballers this season. Do you think people saw it coming that the role of this character would become more prominent?

CM: There was a lot of TTD this year in Ballers and that made me happy, I don’t know what people expected, or wanted from TTD, but I was happy as hell with it. I hope people like what TTD brings, and I hope they want even more this year; more Ricky, Dennis, and TTD. I love that crew.


Popternative: Talk about your life with music; we know you are in the band The Sandwich

CM: Music is fun, it lets me be creative, and I get to hang out with my best friends playing these stupid songs that we made in his (Michael Rosenbaum) basement. I picked up the bass a little under 2 year ago, and I have already toured Germany, and we are about to put out an album. Music has always been a huge part of my life, I used to just love to listen to it, and it would get me through things, but now playing it, and creating it, is a whole different ballgame… it’s magical!


Popternative: You recently had a small role in the Netflix horror-comedy The Babysitter. Is it safe to say that it has been a big year for horror movies?

CM: I always wanted to be in a horror movie, and this one was everything I hoped it would be. Maybe next time I could be the murderer, or get murdered, but I loved making and watching this movie. I think it was a big year for horror, and I hope they build on this for next year’s horror films, #bringgoodhorrorback


A big thank you to Carl McDowell for taking the time to answer these questions. Be sure to follow Carl on Twitter

Carl also joined Popternative a few months ago in one of our episodes which is available below: