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Netflix’s Society of The Snow recounts the events of a remarkable true story. Directed by J.A. Bayona, also credited for the screenplay, and nominated for two Academy Awards, Society of The Snow takes place in 1972 and tells the story of a plane crashing carrying a rugby team and extreme measures the survivors of the crash went through to stay alive.

Paula Baldini plays Lilliana Navarro de Methol in the film and talked with Popternative about the hardest scenes she had to shoot. “I think as an actress the hardest part was trying to think ‘how would I feel in that situation.’ Nothing compares to that in real life. Nothing that I have lived before, so it was very hard, and we had two months of rehearsal to get to [the crash scene] and [learn] different techniques from breathing to emotional states. So, there was this scene [that was] very difficult for everyone that was after the crash, and because Bayona wanted to film almost like a [documentary] so everyone [was] in the state of crying, that was very difficult to shoot,” Paula told Popternative host Petey Beats.

She added, “Even if you don’t see the faces of everyone in film, we all were there helping each other, but as an actress another, the scene [where we are talking] about eating the corpses, this is like a little spoiler, but well everyone knows the main story, that was very difficult, and we [rehearsed] it a lot of times to really try to understand what were they feeling and as persons that lived in ’72. They very religious and that was very hard for me, like how do they speak about this? That was very difficult.”

Watch the full interview with Paula Baldini below.

Society of The Snow is streaming now on Netflix.


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