We chatted with one of the couples for MTV’s Ex On The Beach Couples, Thailah and Jamie, which recently premiered on February 9th on MTV. Hosted by relationship expert Kamie Crawford (Catfish: The TV Show, Are You The One?), the series is a spin-off of MTV’s iconic global franchise Ex on The Beach, and this time follows six couples – and their exes – from around the world. These couples have one thing in common: the ever-lingering ex. While these couples are ready to get engaged, their previous relationships are holding them back. The series puts each couple through a series of intense challenges and relationship-building exercises and they will decide if they can finally move on from their past relationships.

About Thailah and Jamie

Jamie, aka J Dragon, first met fellow DJ Thailah at a party and instantly knew she was the one. Their relationship became intense quickly and they eventually moved in with one another. While everything was seemingly on a high note, Jamie then asked Thailah to be in an open relationship. That decision brought up a lot of jealousy because Jamie thinks that Thailah is too flirtatious. Charlie, Thailah’s ex, doesn’t believe that she wants to be in an open relationship and hopes to be the one that saves the day for Thailah.

In our interview, Thailah and Jamie talk about how they met in the music industry/scene, what it was like having their relationship put on the screen, being around cameras while filming, and much more.

Watch the interview below.

New episodes of Ex On The Beach Couples air every Thursday at 9 p.m. EST.

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