Accomplished performer and GRAMMYs Board Governor Lachi has officially been recognized as USA Today’s “2024 Woman of the Year.” She is also the Founder of—a global network championing music creators and professionals with disabilities. RAMPD “equips the Music Industry with inclusive tools and practices while connecting the industry to a directory of accredited music professionals with disabilities.”

As a visually impaired individual, Lachi uses her platform and music to amplify identity pride and disability culture. She brings accessibility to the forefront, including walking the red carpet at the 64th and 65th GRAMMYs with a glammed mobility cane. Whether she’s attending events like the Barbie movie premiere (photo below), the Grammys, or a White House Gala, Lachi’s vibrant personality shines through, always accompanied by her signature glam cane.

Lachi recently performed and spoke during TEDxCherry Creek Women where she said, “I identify as blind, ADD, OCD and have a myriad of anxiety conditions. Words often used to describe me as brave, courageous, super powered. But I can assure you that I am no more brave or courageous than the next person. What I am is authentic.” Billboard has aptly hailed her as a “new champion in advocacy.”

Photo by Lachi

She then performed her song titled “dis education” which she describes as a ballad showcasing that “disabled folks are independent. That interdependence is independence. [And] that we’re done equating disability with charity.”

She also highlights that disability affects everyone in some way: “Over 1 in 4 Americans have some form of disability of neurodivergence, and 70% of those folks choose not to disclose if they don’t have to. Everyone watching this [TedxCherry] will interface with the very natural phenomenon called disability at some point on their life if they haven’t yet whether it be temporary, whether through a friend, family or child, whether it be through ageing.”

Check out Lachi’s website to learn more about her music, advocady, RAMPD, events, and more.

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