It was announced today that the Korean investigative thriller Unmasked will premiere in the second half of 2024, exclusively on Disney+ (Hulu in the United States). Starring Kim Hye Soo (Signal, Smugglers) as tenacious presenter Oh Soryong, and Jung Sungil (The Glory, Our Blues) as rookie producer Han Do, Unmasked is written by Gi Ryang, and directed by You Sundong (The Uncanny counter).

Jung Sungil as Han Do in Unmasked. Photo by: Disney+

The synopsis reads: “After years of alienating advertisers by breaking some of the country’s biggest and most contentious news stories, an investigative news team’s days are numbered after broadcasting an exceptionally controversial story. With time running out on their careers, the team are challenged to accomplish the impossible if they want to save their jobs – solve a twenty-year-old cold case involving a famous actor who disappeared without a trace.”

Fans of Korean storytelling can sign up to Disney+ to enjoy immediate access to award-winning series Big Bet, starring legendary actor Choi Minsik as a serial entrepreneur who repeatedly crosses the line to help bolster his burgeoning casino business, and Moving, about a group of South Korean special agents working to protect their super-powered children from harm and exploitation, as well as the recently released A Shop For Killers.


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