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Fans of the horror flick M3GAN can’t seem to get enough of the killer robot doll. After the release on January 6 in theaters, M3GAN has since become a pop culture phenomenon landing a Saturday Night Live spoof, and a sequel in the works slated for a 2025 release.

M3GAN follows the story of Gemma (Allison Williams) taking over as caretaker of her niece Cady (Violet McGraw) when her parents die in a car crash. To ease her transition, Gemma gifts Cady M3GAN, a lifelike robotic doll programmed to protect her, but the advanced doll has more sinister plans in mind.

Jenna Davis voices the now iconic M3GAN doll and recalled the challenge it was bringing the character to life with Popternative. “Everything for me was in studio so that was a challenge but a fun challenge,” she told Popternative host Petey Beats, adding,“It was exciting, and it was very different. Off camera acting is very different than on camera acting in some ways but also in other ways it’s very similar because it’s just you in front of the mic.”

M3GAN. Photo by: Universal Pictures

In M3GAN, the doll sings several times including a rendition of David Guetta’s “Titanium” featuring Sia. Davis explained how those singing moments combine two passions of hers. “It is so thrilling. I think being able to combine two of my biggest passions is a dream come true for sure. I recall when I auditioned for the project, they asked me to sing, and I was very confused because it’s a robot who sings and it’s so fun and unexpected for sure and I think that’s what makes it fun for audiences but it’s also very fun for me and myself to portray that as well. Interesting enough for the role I was told to sing worse than I usually do sing and I’ve never been told to sing worse in my entire life so that alone was pretty comical, but it also shows M3GAN’s character and her side and her imperfections of being a robot and I love that about her.”

Watch the full interview with Jenna Davis below.

The unrated version of M3GAN streams February 24 on Peacock.

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