We had a chance to catch up with the versatile artist Danny Goo from Dallas, TX. His vocals blend plainspoken emotional vulnerability with intimate minimalist pop and soothing postmodern R&B. There’s a lot going on with his sound and we talked all about it below.

How it was being a musician during covid-19?

It was honestly hard. I spend a lot of time with friends and when covid hit that all changed. For the most part I self isolated which was super new and uncomfortable for me. Also not being able to perform live really effected me, I’m such a social person so not having that was tough but on the positive side it showed me the value in my alone time. Over the summer I was able to quarantine at JoJo’s studio and write a bunch so that helped me feel somewhat normal again.

How would you define your sound? What are you influences?

I feel like my sound can’t just be labeled as one genre, I’ll never limit myself. Lately I’ve been heavily influenced by Pop & HipHop music but I grew up listening to so much Alternative Rock so my influences range between those. Everything from A Day to Remember to juicewrld.

What can people expect from your new releases?

Expect every song to be different, and for my music to progress in the best way possible.  I’m constantly taking new approaches to my music and keeping it original. JoJo and I write new hits all the time and we have a lot to show everyone in the near future!

Check out Danny’s latest music video for “So in Love” ft. Lil Lotus below.