We spoke with Vanessa Kai on the Popternative show about season 2 of the popular CW series Kung Fu, which just had its season 2 finale on June 15, 2022. Vanessa plays Pei-Ling, Nicky’s (Olivia Liang) spiritual guide, Shaolin mentor and Kung Fu teacher. Pei-Ling was a guiding force for Nicky throughout season 1, yet also a traumatic catalyst for Nicky’s return to home in search for justice.

In our interview, Vanessa talks about the excitement for season 2, and we asked her what storylines stood out to her as a viewer: “Althea’s [Shannon Dang] storyline has been incredibly impressive and fulfilling and redemptive for her and taking charge of her life, also really watching Mei-Li [Kheng Hua Tan] and her character and with Jin [Tzi Ma] as an older generation with their restaurant, that is really wonderful.”

We also discuss the amazing Kung Fu fans: “To hear [the fans] and the way they are relating to the show, it’s so personal and it’s truly an awesome experience,” Vanessa tells us. We also dive into some of the existing fan theories of the show, no matter how ridiculous some may be.

Watch the full interview with Vanessa Kai below!

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