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We had the chance to chat with actor Theodore Barnes about his role as Junebug in the BET+ comedy series The Ms. Pat Show which will premiere on August 12, 2021. Barnes also had roles in The Goldbergs as Brian Walls, and as Teddy in Netflix’s Prince of Peoria.

Here’s what he had to say about his projects and acting.

How did you get into acting and storytelling?

TB: I started acting at a young age. I did background and stand-in work for about two years before I got the opportunity to audition for principle work. I was introduced to an agent (by a family friend) who was looking for new clients. My family and I decided it couldn’t hurt to “take a meeting” just to see what it would be like and where it could lead to. Besides, I was curious. Long story short, we met the agent and he had me do a cold read for Jif Peanut Butter. Apparently, my performance showed promise and that I could convince others to buy Jif. He immediately wanted to sign me. A couple weeks later, I got my first audition for Back in The Game which resulted in a booking and the opportunity to work with James Caan, Maggie Lawson, Josie Totah and several other amazing actors.

What is the best thing about being a storyteller in your opinion?

TB: The best thing about being a storyteller is the job description in itself. Bringing the words on the page to life and making it my own is the best part. The writer writes it. The actors put the words in motion. Together we feed off eachother with ideas and new things to try to make each take better.

What can viewers expect from your new show The Ms. Pat Show on BET+?

TB: Anyone watching The Ms. Pat Show can expect a whole lot of laughs, realness, and modern-day life lessons. We are going to give the world plenty to talk about.

What can you tell us about your role on The Ms. Pat Show?

TB: I play Ms. Pats youngest and “favorite” son Junebug. He is the quick-witted son that brings the relatable comedy and lessons to teens and to those young and mature.

What’s it like having the chance to work on The Goldbergs?

TB: It’s great working on The Goldbergs! Everyone on the set is nice and have been working with eachother for a while. It is one big family. Everyone is professional, yet loads of fun. Their love for the craft shows through the screen and felt while working with production, crew and the cast.

Working on shows like Prince of Peoria and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, what learning experiences can you share with us?

TB: The best learning experience from these shows and every set is to remember each day is an opportunity to get better. With each job opportunity, I am looking to step up in any way. Personally, every shoot day is important.  Being preparedand ready on the first day is the same energy I bring to every shoot day; always looking to improve the scene.

What is the best advice someone on set (or off) has ever given you?

TB: The best advice I’ve received so far is from my Acting Coach, Jeff Dockweiler. He always tells me to treat every opportunity like it’s my first opportunity that I’ve been working to book, so that it’s not my last opportunity. In addition, he also encourages me to find something new to admire and appreciate whenever I’m on set. This ensures that I stay fresh and locked in on elevating my knowledge and supporting my castmates.

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