Photo by: Greg Endries/Max
We were joined on the Popternative show by Reagan Baker who stars in the new Max romantic-documentary (rom-doc) dating series, Swiping America. The series debuted with the first 2 episodes on Thursday, June 15, with the following 4 episodes on June 22, leading up to the final 2 episodes dropping on June 29.

Swiping America Synopsis
This sexy and true to life rom-doc dating series, Swiping America, follows a group of diverse singles from New York City (Ashleigh, Kesun, Kris, Reagan) on an introspective, eight-city dating app journey, as they explore personal issues around sex, relationships, love and connection. Each episode finds the group in a new American city (Asheville, NC, Miami, FL, Austin, TX, New Orleans, LA, Santa Fe, NM, Boulder, CO, Seattle, WA, and Honolulu, HI), as producers swipe through possible matches and curate blind dates for them. While forging a special friendship with each other over the course of the season, their journey culminates in Hawaii, where they hand-pick their best match from the season and ultimately decide whether their relationship can go the distance.

(L-R) Don and Reagan in episode 105 of Swiping America. Photo by: Greg Endries/Max

In our interview, Reagan tells us about how she found out about the series, why she decided to be part of it, some of the learning experiences she gained from being surrounded by cameras and meeting new people, and more.

Watch the interview with Reagan below.

The final 2 episodes of Swiping America will drop on Max on June 29.

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