Olivia Liang returned to the Popternative show to discuss season 3 of Kung Fu which premiered in October on The CW. Liang stars as Nicky in the action-adventure television series which is an adaptation of the 1970s series of the same title. The series centers on Nicky, her family, friends, martial arts skills, and Shaolin values to protect her community which has been taken over by crime and corruption.

Kung Fu also stars Shannon Dang, Eddie Liu, Yvonne Chapman, Vanessa Yao, Vanessa Kai, Tan Kheng Hua, Ben Levin, Tzi Ma, Jon Prasida, and Bradley Gibson.

(L-R) Tan Kheng Hua as Mei-Li Shen and Olivia Liang as Nicky Shen in episode 302 of Kung Fu. Photo by: The CW

After a midseason break, season 3 returned on February 8th after ending on a cliffhanger on November 30th, 2022. In our interview, Liang tells us that from the beginning, she knew what the general storyline and arc would be for the whole season, but getting to read the scripts was still exciting: “They built the suspense so well […] I was shocked they were allowing Nicky to go that dark,” Liang explains. Getting to play Nicky in a darker light this season has been fun, Liang also tells us. “There’s something in Nicky that wants to do the right thing and help.”

Liang then discusses working with the cast of Kung Fu and how they bonded from day one which was during the early days of covid-19, as well as gaining a better understanding of Nicky as a character after three seasons.

Watch the interview with Olivia Liang below.

Kung Fu airs on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. on The CW and can be streamed on The CW App and on CWTV.com

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