We chatted with Nils Hognestad who plays Percy in the holiday movie parody A Clüsterfünke Christmas which recently aired on Comedy Central. There will also be an encore showing of the film on Comedy Central on December 24th. We asked Nils about the film, his acting experiences, and upcoming projects.

What can you tell us about A Clüsterfünke Christmas?

NH: I can say it’s a Christmas dream come true. It’s the first of its kind, a loving parody of a Hallmark Holiday Movie of the Week. It’s guaranteed to bring you joy. Does she get the guy? Probably. Will she learn the spirit of Christmas? Obviously. Is there any product placement? You better mark it off on your bingo sheet if there is. You’ll never look at a fruitcake the same. 

What was your first acting role?

NH: I played a bench warmer on the Braceface team in the Wayan Brothers’ film ‘The Sixth Man’. I was tall & had braces but I was really bad at basketball, so I was on the bench. When we weren’t filming, I wandered around the set and watched from under the bleachers how they filled the room with smoke, hung lighting, lay wiring, I was hooked. 

When people watch A Clüsterfünke Christmas, what are you hoping they get out of it?

NH: Joy. Lots of joy and laugher. I hope you watch it every year and see something new every time.

Outside of acting, do you have any other interests or passions?

NH: Work wise, I write and love an outlet for my creativity. I love film and tv and enjoy falling into writing the way one can fall into a book. In my personal life, I’m passionate about growing things, though I crave a large plot of earth with some more sun to fully express that. Otherwise, chocolate. And music. And new experiences. 

Can you tell us about other upcoming projects you are working on?

NH: I’m developing a limited series that’s making me need to do a lot of research on Norwegian history, Norse legends, mythology and fairytales, and I’m really loving how much I’m learning and am wanting to connect more to my heritage. I’m also getting married next summer. My partner and I are the first gay wedding in all four corners of our very large families and it feels more like we’re planning a music festival than anything else. We’ll be on BC’s Sunshine Coast and we’re all very excited. 


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