We chatted with Myseha and Joe about Love Off The Grid on Discovery+ which premiered January 30th on Discovery+. From the producers of 90 Day Fiance, this new series follows couples as they test their love in the wild, with one partner who is accustomed to living with modern amenities and one who lives off the land. 

Love Off The Grid follows four people accustomed to modern amenities who give it all up for a chance at true love. For the first time, these couples will live together in total isolation to see if they can make it work in the wild. Will the great outdoors bring these relationships closer together? Or will their extreme differences in lifestyles bring the couples to their breaking points?       

Check out our conversation below.

How did you get involved with Love Off The Grid

Myesha: I wasn’t really sure of all the details, but Joe asked me if I wanted to be on tv, and I was more than okay with that. I always thought my family needed a tv show, because they are goof balls.

Joe: One of the producers stumbled across the social media page for our previous property, advertising our homestead goods and workaway/hipcamp opportunities. Then the timing just worked out that I met Myesha and we secured this new property.

Did you know anything about reality TV prior to joining? 

Myesha: I’ve been watching reality tv since I was a kid. I’m in love with shows like: Basketball wives, Housewives, Mob wives, Road Rules. My favorite reality show is The Challenge, and I’ve watched every season.

Joe: No. And I still don’t.

What was it like being on the show, and what were some learning 

Myesha: I was super nervous, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle it. I’ve always lowkey had stage fright, but it wasn’t bad at all. I wondered how people could let you record their everyday life, but you really forget that the cameras are even there. I’ve grown drastically since being on the show. Joe has taught me valuable life lessons. I’ve learned how to build a house, how to tend to different animals, and how important it is to be a team player. It was hard being away from my family and not having everything that I was accustomed to, but Joe made every second worth it.

Joe: It was entertaining, learning about the production process and chatting with a crew from around the country. Plus, they provided a unique insight into events like the Hollywood strike and other things happening in the entertainment industry.

What were some goals in mind when you signed on for this project? 

Myesha: My personal goals were to be more self-sufficient. I wanted to start building a life for my future children. I wanted to be a grower and start my own small garden. Learning how to have my own home remedies from my own natural herbs is one of my biggest goals. I also just wanted to see if I could survive outside of my comfort zone and away from my family.

Joe: Besides a means to pay for inflated building materials, I wanted to see if I could do this, build this home, with a couple million people watching over my shoulder.

When people watch Love Off The Grid, what are you hoping they get out of it? 

Myesha: It’s always best to step out on faith, don’t be afraid to open your heart to love, and life is only as serious as you make it…so have fun!!!

Joe: An understanding of rugged individualism, an appreciation of self-reliance, and hopefully the belief that they can do it themselves.


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