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Season 2 of Prime Video’s survival drama series The Wilds dropped on Friday, May 6, and introduced us to 8 new characters: teen boys stranded on their own island going through the same experiences as the girls. We chatted with Miles Gutierrez-Riley on the Popternative show who plays Ivan in season 2.

“It’s intimidating because obviously the show sets this extremely high bar and there’s this intense and very dedicated and very passionate fan base that you’re sort of being welcomed into, and there’s a bar you’re trying to meet, but at the same time, you’ve got this foundation that the women and the team established in 2020 so you’re sort of stepping into this well oiled machine,” Miles tells us about joining season 2 of The Wilds.

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In our interview, Miles also talks about the important flashback scenes involving his character and Charles Alexander’s character Kiran.

Watch the full interview with Miles Gutierrez-Riley below.

The Wilds season 2 is now streaming on Prime Video.

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